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New Energy New Magnetic Core!!!
China leading crystalless nanometer crystal magnetic core manufacturer
new magnetic component solution provider
      Shenzhen Pourleroi Technology Co., Ltd is one of the leading and advanced amorphous, nanocrystalline magnetic core manufacturer in China, our company's R & D strength, equipment strength, and the production scale are the leading level in the same industry. Our company is committed to amorphous, nanocrystalline core R & D and producing, as well as a variety of magnetic products, such as high frequency transformer, low frequency transformer, filter, inductance producing, and we are the new type of magnetic device solutions provider. Since the establishment of our company in July 2010, she is growing rapidly, currently has more than 200 employees, the series of our factory’s products are used in series of energy-saving products such as new energy vehicles, rail transportation, photovoltaic inverter, inverter welder, common mode inductance, high frequency transformer, reactor, PFC inductor, precision current transformer etc.
        The company takes the area of more than 12000 square meters, including 10000 square meters specialized workshop, with two production plants building and has independent production industrial park, owns the precision CNC equipment, box furnace for amorphous, the vacuum glue soaking machine, the electric oven, the cutting machine, heat treatment furnace, magnetization machine, magnetism and current loss tester, inductance testing machine, infrared thermometer, automatic winding machine, automatic assembling machine automatic assembly machine of magnetic core and other production and processing equipment etc. The company has more than 100 professional skilled producing workers, more than 10 R & D technical engineers, 5 test engineers, more than 30 sales and customer service staff, the whole production process has undertaken automation and semi-automation. The company has introduced the civil top engineers and has our own independent product development and design ideas, we are able to customize products with different performance specifications for customers. The company business has operated in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, for today she is already ahead of other competitors in the actual industrial layout and she has reached a strategic alliance agreement with multiple electric commodity brands, that has made the position of Pourleroi in the industry cannot be shaken.
Company goal
Devotes to crystalless, nanometer crystal magnetic core's research and development and production as well as each kind of magnetism product, like high-frequency transformer, low-frequency transformer, filter, inductance and so on.

In recent years's, along with the new energy, the electric automobile and the intelligent electrical network profession's high speed development, our company according to the market demand to design a series of conditions friendly product. Our product widely uses in the light bending down the invertor, electric automobile, sufficient terminal rod, orbital transportation, communication equipment, instruments and meters, domestic electric appliances, domains and so on special power source.

Our factory has gained in the rich experience in the magnetic core design aspect, each product may have custom-made according to the client requirement. We have been providing the most superior magnetism solution diligently for the client.
Our History

2017--Provides has completed throws pays the company which the use the device project leads in China.

2014--Still provided the high grade device for ours client.

2012--Any our device has is not merely the happy outlook.

2011--Wedevotes crystalless to , nanometer crystal magnetic core's research and development and production as well as each kind of magnetism product

2010--Shenzhen Pu Lehua science and technology Limited company is founded 2010 year 7 month
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